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Raha is one of Qameh Group companies, licensed under Commercial Registry No. / 23095 / and specialized in archaeological documentation and lifting works, restoration and rehabilitation works for archaeological buildings, and in the field of contracting work and undertakings related to ancient archaeological cities in accordance with international quality and professional safety standards.

Our Services

Engineering restoration and rehabilitation studies services for heritage sites

Providing all studies required for heritage sites, including emergency intervention studies, archaeological restoration and rehabilitation for cultural investment, and providing all necessary integrated documents for all the required specifications within the international standards of quality and occupational safety

Execution services for restoration and rehabilitation works

Executing all emergency intervention, archaeological restoration and rehabilitation services for cultural investment of heritage sites in accordance with international and national approved standards

Museum Development Services

Providing all technical and engineering studies related to the development of the traditional and virtual museum display

Documentation services

This includes documenting the current status of the building, archaeological lifting, documenting what the building was previously and taking it out in various ways, including all the details required for the building and its archiving

Documenting the Intangible Heritage

Documenting the social axes in all their axes of customs, traditions and heritage

Our Projects

Raha Family

Raha Company’s team is a mixture of Experienced professional personalities who are able to complete the tasks and objectives of Raha’s quality projects.

The team consists of the following cadres with different archaeological specializations:

  • Archeologists
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Workshops specialized in archeology

The company also has an archaeological, financial and legal advisory team.

Our Vision

  • Leadership in the field of restoration, rehabilitation and investment of heritage sites.
  • Providing restoration and engineering rehabilitation studies for heritage sites.
  • Leadership in the provision of cultural services in terms of tangible and intangible documentation.

Our Goals

  • Providing distinguished services in the field of cultural services regarding tangible and intangible heritage.
  • Intellectual partnership with work.
  • Providing a high level of services related to ancient archaeological sites in the field of contracting and undertakings in accordance with approved international and national standards.

Our Mission Statement

  • Using the latest technologies in the field of documentation in all fields.
  • Execution of works within the required time and quality.
  • Proposing the optimal scenario for the investment and management of archaeological sites.

Places touched by a millstone

Asset 1@1000x4

ساعة باب الفرج

Asset 1@1000x4

ساعة باب الفرج

Asset 1@1000x4

ساعة باب الفرج

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